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A Buna N 90 Durometer "O" ring is LOCTITED™ to the front head and/or rear cap surface to prevent metal to metal contact. Each bumper increases the cylinder length. Consult factory for bumper diameter. When ordering please specify bumper front head, rear cap or both ends.

Spring Return or Extend

This light duty spring cylinder is available with a 3" maximum stroke and a rod diameter of 1" or less. The cylinder length will be 1" longer than standard and have an approximate 10 pound pre-load with a spring rate of approximately 10 pounds per inch.

Fail-Safe Spring Return

The cylinder provides fail-safe retraction, if air pressure is lost, with a heavy duty high force spring. It is available in certain models of the Series B and all Series J cylinders. Consult factory for specifications.

Hollow Piston Rods

They are available on Series B cylinders only. Standard sizes are: 3/4" diameter piston rod with a 1/4" diameter thru hole and 1" diameter piston rod with a 7/16" diameter thru hole.

Phenolic Rod Bushings

Phenolic material is a hard, dense laminated thermoset plastic produced by applying heat and pressure to layers of a fine weave cotton fabric reinforced with a phenolic binder. Phenolic is generally not attacked by common solvents such as alcohol or petroleum products and resists low concentrations of mineral acids (except nitric and chromic). However, in cases of chemical attack by acids such as nitric and chromic, the material retains its strength and may have a long and useful life. Phenolic offers excellent resistance to fruit acids. The material may be used continuously at 200°F.

Rod Boots

Rod boots are used for added protection from environmetnal conditions. Material is Neoprene/Nylon .050-.060 gauge with an operating temperature of 0°F to 200°F.

NOTE: Rod extension increases 1" in length for every 3" of stroke. Makimum stoke is 24".

Not available on I 11/2" bore, Model B120, or Series R cylinders.

Design changes for 1 3/8" & 1 1/2" rod diameter.

Adjustable Stroke

The adjustment is suitable for infrequent adjustments in the reduction of stroke length in the retracted position.

Length of adjustment must be specified when ordering.

Rear cap cushion is not available.

Steel plate may not be the same square size as rear cap on larger bore cylinders.

Stop Tubes

A stop tube is a spacer placed between the piston and the rod end head to reduce bearing loads. The reduction in bearing load is done by increasing the distance between bearing surfaces.

Stop tubes are recommended for mounting types I and II any time the "L" dimnsion of that application exceeds 40".

Stop tubes are normally not required with mounting types II I and IV but the designer should use his own discretion to keep bearing loads to a minimum. Stop tubes should be specified at a rate of 1" for every 10", or fraction thereof, over an "L" dimension of 40".

Adjust "L" dimension by adding stop tube length when using "L" to determine rod diameter.

Note: Increasing rod diameter to reduce bearing load is not recommended. Stop tubes are more effective and generally more economical.