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LS11 Sample Circuit


1) On D.C. circuits observe polarity (red is plus [+], black is minus [-]). No damage will occur if reversed, but the light will not operate.

2) On A.C. circuits there are no polarity requirements. The light output will be less on A.C. voltages than on D.C. voltages.

LS21 Sample Circuit

Protection circuits and installation instructions are identical. Example:

-LS11 Same as LS10NO -LS21 Same as LS20NO

Contact Protection Circuits

There are four types of loads which could be encountered:

A. RESISTIVE: For resistive loads a contact protection circuit is not required.

B. INDUCTIVE: An inductive load, such as a relay, solenoid, or counter, will cause an inverse voltage when the contacts are opened and contact deterioration may result. In order to prevent this, contact protection circuits 1 or 2 may be used.

C. INCANDESCENT: Incandescent lamp loads cause high in rush current resulting in short contact life. To prevent this, contact protection circuit 3 or 4 may be used.

D. CAPACITIVE: Capacitive loads are seldom encountered. Consult the factory for contact protection circuit.